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A "bullwrinkle" is a small wrinkle found on the face of a dog. The term identifies the creased skin areas around the snout of a bulldog.

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Love pets, critters, and fluffy animals?! WE DO TOO! Bullwrinkle gets it name from just that - the cutest-wrinkly-faced-bulldog you ever did see. Come on right? Some little animals are so small, cute, and snuggly you just want to pet and hug them all day long. We help you find pet products and care information which help you take great care of your pets and furry loved ones.

About Bullwrinkle

Pets Are Great


Furry Companionship

Pets provide us with companionship. Dogs are called "man's best friend" for a reason. Pets can make great company.


Emotional Support

Emotional support animals are a real thing. These animals can help you cope, and they can also be certified as therapy animals.

Pets Are Great


Love & Affection

Many pets give their owners love and affection. Few things are more wonderful than a happy puppy waiting for you.


Life Better Together

Many pet owner's agree that having a critter in your life makes every day better by giving you focus and increase wellbeing.


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Best Pet Foods

Are you looking for the best pet foods? Start here to understand what ingredients, mix, and type may work best for your animal. Often times, allergies and food sensitivities contribute to food problems.

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Is your canine rough on toys? Find the best doggie toys for your pup. These toys are fun and some are also tough to destroy. Give your dog a toy which creates fun play time, interactive games, and memories.

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Best Snacks and Treats

Your pet needs a special treat every now and then. Learn about the best treats. These snacks and treats work well for rewarding your animal for good behavior, pet training, and snacks in-between meals.

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Pet Products

Visit the pet products store to see great deals on the best selling pet gear, food, leashes and collars, pet houses, and more.

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

Learn and Train

Owners are the happiest when their pets are well-behaved and trained properly. Pets are the happiest when they know what is expected of them and how to maintain their harmonious relationship with their owners. Learn about pet training and things you can do to create and sustain a healthy relationship with your animal.

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