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Nylon Collar And Leash

Nylon Dog Collar And Leash

Nylon collars and leads are a great look. Choose from single layer for medium dogs or double layer for large dogs. Avaible in many colors, these nylon collars and leads are very durable and look great.

Special offer expires 3/20/05 

Nylon Leash with Matching Hardware by Top Paw Rugged, webbed nylon leashes with hardware painted to match.

Nylon Check Cords
Leads for obedience and field work. Sturdy bolt snap.

Adjustable Nylon Dog Collars
Unique touch-lock clasp for opening and closing ease.

Nylon Puppy Collars
Durable 5/8 inch wide nylon in puppy-perfect colors. A great value!

Double Layer Nylon Dog Collars
Extremely durable, woven nylon collars are available in a rainbow of colors.

Nylon Dog Couplers
Great for Walking 2 or 3 dogs together.1/2 inch wide.

Single Layer Nylon Dog Collars
3/4 in. nylon collar. Ideal for the medium sized dog.

Single/Double Layer Nylon Leads
In colors to complement any collar.

Sunburst Nylon Puppy Collars
Soft. Ideal for puppies. Completely adjustable for perfect fit.

Ribbon Overlay Collars and Leads
The combination of durable nylon and rich leather gives these collars and leashes a distinctive look. Solid brass hardware adds durability.

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