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Feline Tapeworms
Tapeworm Tabs By Trade Winds
For Removal Of Tapeworms In Cat Or Kitten

Feline Tapeworms, tapeworms In Cat  Or Kitten

Adult tapeworms live in the small intestine of the feline. It is hooked onto the intestinal wall by a structure called a rostellum which is sort of like a hat with hooks on it. The feline tapeworms also have six rows of teeth to grab on with. Most people are confused about the size of a tapeworm because they only see its segments which are small; entire cat tapeworms are usually 6 inches or more.


Feline Tapeworm Facts

Cats and kittens can be infested with two types of feline tapeworms. Fleas carry the most common type, and rodents carry the less common type. Tapeworm segments are often visible on the surface of your pet’s stool. They usually appear as short (1/2-3/4”), flat, white particles, that when first passed are mobile; or they may be passed still connected in a long, flat string. Dry segments may stick to your pet’s hair, and look similar to a grain of rice. Until recently, the only effective control has required a prescription. However, this drug (Praziquantel) is now available without a prescription, and is 100% effective in ridding your pet of both types of feline tapeworms.


Removal Of Feline Tapeworms

Feline Tapeworms Tabs By Tradewinds, Removes tapeworms In Cat or Kitten, Cat TapewormsCat and Kitten Tapeworm Tabs

Now available without a prescription! Removes both types of feline tapeworms in adult cats and kittens over 6 weeks of age.100% safe and effective when used according to label directions. Sized for easy oral administration or may be crumbled and mixed with food. Each tablet contains 23 mg Praziquantel.

4 lbs. & under – ½ tablet, 5-11 lbs.– 1 tablet, over 11 lbs. – 1 ½ tablets.

Each bottle contains 3 tapeworm tablets.

Tapeworm Tabs by Tradewinds: For Cats and Kittens.
3 tablet bottle: Best Price: $10.99 Buy It!

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