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FACILITATOR Liquid Bandage

FACILITATOR Liquid Bandage may be used in dogs, cats and horses. Composed of hydroxyethylated amylopectin, FACILITATOR prevents wound contamination to assist the healing process. In carefully-controlled clinical trials conducted in dogs, FACILITATOR Shampoo demonstrated a remarkable ability to aid the healing process in chronic and non-chronic wounds.

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FACILITATOR is a liquid bandage composed of hydroxyethylated amylopectin. When applied to a clean wound in a thin film and allowed to dry, FACILITATOR prevents contamination, and helps provide an optimal environment for wound healing. The results of a multicenter, controlled clinical field trial demonstrate clinical results under real life conditions.

Application:FACILITATOR is a liquid bandage composed of hydroxyethylated amylopectin.

  • Prepare the wound site by debridement and gentle cleansing.
  • Blot the wound with sterile gauze or clean towels.
  • Apply FACILITATOR until the wound is completely covered by a thin film, allowing it to extend slightly beyond the wound edges.
  • Avoid contaminating the tube by holding the tip of the tube slightly above the wound.
  • Allow the thin film of FACILITATOR to dry completely to assure secure coverage of the wound.
  • Do not use other topical ointments or salves as they may interfere with the formation of the FACILITATOR liquid bandage.
  • If the animal persists in licking at the wound, bandaging or applying an Elizabethan collar may be required.


FACILITATOR Liquid Bandage 5 ml Tube: Currently Out of Stock

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