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Corta-FLX glucosamine supplement for dogs


Canine Joint Care Supplement

Corta-FLX Get Ready to See Your Dog Running and Jumping like a Puppy! Perhaps the best joint supplement available, The Metabolic Breakthrough! Corta-Flx is a water-soluble formula featuring the key isolates of Chondroitin and Glucosamine in proper molecular size. Thus, assuring passage of the Chondroitin isolates through cell walls and superior cartilage matrix penetration, and enabling the Glucosamine isolate to more effectively enter the synovial lining.
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Corta-FLX glucosamine supplement for dogs

CORTA-FLX: The world's best-selling OTC joint supplement is now Clinically Proven! After having been rated the #1 joint nutraceutical and Product of the Year by the Horse Journal, CORTA-FLX is proud to announce the results of a recently completed Michigan State University study overseen by renowned Veterinarian Dr. Hilary M. Clayton. The study proved that DJD horses treated with CORTA-FLX "showed significant reduction in gait asymmetry."

Corta-Rx Ultimate
8oz. Best Price: $19.99 Buy It!
Corta-Rx Ultimate
32oz. Best Price: $49.99 Buy It!


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