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Bio Spot Flea & Tick Control for Dogs
Bio Spot Flea and Tick Control For Dog. 3 month supply. Kills and repels adult fleas, kills flea eggs and larvae, kills and repels ticks including deer ticks (vector of Lyme Disease), brown dog ticks and American dog ticks. Protects against blood feeding by mosquitoes (vector of heartworm). It's never been easier to keep fleas and ticks away! Use on dogs 12 weeks of age and older. Apply a continuous stripe beginning between dog's shoulder blades and ending directly in front of the base of the tail. Isolate from other pets for a few hours after treatment.

Bio Spot for Cats
Bio Spot Flea and Tick Control For Cat. Bio Spot Stripe-On Flea Control breaks the flea life cycle by killing adult fleas and preventing flea eggs from developing. Water-based formula is easy to apply -- simply squeeze a stripe from the back of pet's head to the base of the tail, natural activity will spread medication throughout pet's coat. Package contains two 1.5ml applications, which will provide up to 6 months of flea control. Also includes 2 Flea Halt! Towelettes for instant, topical control. Can be used on cats age 12 weeks and over, and on ferrets age 16 weeks and over.

Bio Spot Flea and Tick Mist for Cats
Kills fleas Ticks and Mosquitos! Also kills flea eggs and larvae for 3 months

Bio Spot Flea and Tick Mist for Dogs
kills and prevents and repels all fleas and ticks including those which may carry lyme disease. As an added bonus, it also kills and repels mosquitoes, spiders, palmetto bugs, scorpions, centipedes, flies, ants, crickets, lice and many other parasites.

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